ITMC Rebranding Story

ITMC has recently rebranded itself, complete with a new logo and website. Why the changes?

Because ITMC had grown and improved in so many ways, and had become a leader in our industry, but our branding did not send that message. It was bland and generic, and made us look just like every other IT company.  Put simply, our old branding was no longer a proper reflection of who we are.  We needed a new look and feel, something a little more modern and vibrant, and something that would be a better reflection of who we are.

When the new design was presented, we immediately knew it was a perfect fit. In what ways?

1) It’s more consistent with our personality.

I would like to quote Daivagna Nanavati, Senior Software Engineer and Team Manager in India: “This is what makes us different from others: they talk about ‘who we are, what we do, our projects and work’ — but for us its about them, ‘we are for you’.”

Since our old logo looked like a generic tech company, it sent the message that we are all about the technology. But we are really about people – understanding our clients and the users of our software and their problems in order to provide the solution that is best for them. The new logo is more friendly and approachable, and more consistent with our message that we are people-oriented.

2) It better reflects our approach to dealing with clients.

Nils Peter Henningsen of Mærsk Oil & Gas says of ITMC: “They are not just providers of IT products. They are idea people. They are the people I call when I have a problem, and need an idea for a solution.”

The new logo conveys presents us as idea people. Note that the “i” is styled to look almost like a light bulb being turned on – a clear connection to ideas, but avoiding the cliché of a literal light bulb.

3) It is a tribute to our people.

Don’t you love the warm and fuzzy feeling it gives you when you look at all the smiling faces on the ‘who we are’ page? ITMC values it’s people very much, and we wanted that message to be clear not only on the website, but in all our branding.

The vibrant colour palette reflects the diversity of our staff, and the many bright and inspiring individuals that make ITMC what it is today.

Keeping it simple.

In trying to incorporate all these ideas into the branding, we had to be careful not to go over the top, but keep it subtle, clean and simple so as to maintain a professional image and be taken seriously in an industry where security and reliability are priorities for our clients. We had to avoid giving the impression that our creativity and friendliness overpower sound logic and reasoning. We’re confident we’ve achieved a good balance here.

“So now that you’ve got this new look, does this mean you’re all hoighty-toighty and fancy now?”

Hey, give us some credit. We were already pretty fancy before the rebrand.

Seriously though, the rebrand is not an attempt to change who we are. Our growth and development as a company came as a result of years of hard work and determination – not an overnight facelift. Our rebrand is more of a celebration of those changes we’ve already made. We hope our long-time clients have noted these improvements as we’ve worked together over the years, and felt that these changes have benefited them directly.

More good things to come.

There have been some drastic improvements in our products and services, but you can expect more where that came from. We are constantly working to learn more about our clients, the users of our software, and the problems they encounter daily as they carry out their work. We will use these insights to continually improve our products. We will continue to look for ways we can support our users more quickly and efficiently.

But even though our products and services are constantly improving, deep down we are still the same people. If you have come to know us as a group of friendly, helpful, and insightful folks with a fanatical determination to solve your problems, be assured that on this level nothing has really changed. If you don’t know us yet, we hope to get the opportunity to meet you — and we hope our new friendlier face will make us a little more approachable.

We would like to thank all of our clients who have contributed to our growth and success so far, and we look forward to continuing to work with you!