Acando becomes implementation partner of IDM365

Acando and ITMC SOFT has joined a partnership with the purpose of selling and implementing the Identity & Access Management solution IDM365 provided by ITMC. The IDM365 solution fits perfectly into Acando’s strategy of guiding customers throughout the entire lifecycle of Identity & Access Management.ITMC SOFT sees a tremendous potential in delivering additional value to

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iStone – Our new Partner

Partnership with iStone

ITMC SOFT is extremely proud to announce our partnership with iStone. iStone is a tremendous addition to our premier partner network. We are extremely proud to be part of their solutions offering in the online security segment and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship. Their size, reputation and commitment to deliver great service

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The EU Data Protection Act (2015)

What is the current Data Protection Directive? The Data Protection Directive first came into place in 1995 to ensure the correct handling of personal data within the EU.1 Since then, data protection legislation in several countries outside of the EU have been approved to ensure that data could be transferred between them. One of these,

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IDM:Clean and IDM:Organize


‘Clean’ and ‘Organize’? What does housekeeping have to do with identity management? All IT projects have a common Achilles heel: implementation. No matter how quick the process is, it always feels too long, and a rushed implementation can cause headaches for years to come. Relevant organization and stakeholder involvement can also be a pain to

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IDM365 is in the Cloud

Are you struggling to make your application, or application portfolio, scalable, failover ready, and/or compliant with IT environmental certification? If so, the following will be of interest to you. The challenges mentioned above are namely issues that cloud providers, such as Microsoft Azure™, have placed serious focus on. Why talk cloud from our perspective as

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Best Practice IAM Implementation

Identity and Access Management is a broad concept that can have an enormous impact on business. By providing complete user identity life cycle management using automation as a backbone, IAM tools not only take a huge burden away from IT, but also enhance the business’s ability to control users and ensure compliance. With a proper attribute

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IDM365 integrates with MIM

What is MIM? MIM stands for Microsoft Identity Manager, and is new for 2015. You can read about the initial release on the Active Directory Team Blog. In past years, Microsoft has offered an identity manager (FIM) as part of their largely deprecated Forefront offering. MIM is a modernized offering based on FIM that Microsoft

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The IDM365 Attribute Store

What is the IDM365 attribute store? As its name suggests, IDM365’s attribute store stores the different attributes for identities that have been configured through IDM365. Each business has their own requirements that may require different types of attributes for each of their users. One business may provide workers with a ‘salary number’ that they want

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The Future of IAM

IAM Key Features

Where is Identity and Access Management headed? What do consumers need for the future, and what defines a ‘consumer’ as compared to a ‘user’? With technology being a big part of any business, the future of IAM carries great meaning, especially as concepts like cloud solutions, IDaaS (Identity as a Service), BYOD (Bring Your Own

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