The IDM365 Attribute Store

What is the IDM365 attribute store?

As its name suggests, IDM365’s attribute store stores the different attributes for identities that have been configured through IDM365.

Each business has their own requirements that may require different types of attributes for each of their users. One business may provide workers with a ‘salary number’ that they want stored or reflected in AD somehow, perhaps for backup purposes.

Another business might use ticket numbers and require additional details for contract workers, and a third might have a virtual department set up for robots and machine workers that require a spec sheet. The concept of the attribute store is to generalize these rules so that the attributes needed can be specified for each group of identities from a single interface.

Through the IDM365 interface, attribute store managers are able to specify the exact attributes that are required for users depending on the attributes they already have. The attribute store will then be referenced when setting up new identities, only asking for those attributes that have been set up for whatever divisions have been selected. For example, users in a specific business unit, department, location or other type of division may require certain contact information, and users with temporary employment may require stored information regarding the work they have been assigned. The attributes required for each identity will be reflected in the fields that are shown in the interface.

When configuring what attributes should be requested, the attribute store manager can select the type of field and data that is needed. For example, the user’s gender could be set up as a multiple choice option, their date of birth as a date entry, a signature line as a free-text area, and a scanned employment agreement as a file upload. As mentioned before, every business, enterprize, organization, office, workplace and otherwise is different; the attribute store is 100% configurable to accomodate those differences.


  • Management-friendly configuration of required attributes from the same IDM365 interface used for identity and access management
  • Custom attributes per client that can be synchronized to systems based on logic and business rules
  • Configurable data types for requested attributes