Why service is important for IDM365

desk-601540If you look up the word service in a dictionary, you will find that it can be used as a noun, adjective, or verb.

However, no matter the grammatical form, the message is the same; it’s about doing something for someone else.

Most agree that service is an integral part of doing business, no matter the industry or product. Nevertheless, it can sometimes be difficult to identify what constitutes a service because of how closely associated it is with a product. At IDM365, we find that it is important for us to be specific about what services we provide in relation to our IDM365 software… why? Because for us, service is about adding value to our product and thus making sure that the client is able to make full use of their investment, getting as much out of it as possible.

As an IDM system software provider, there are “customary” services built into the product: system updates, end-user support and reporting. However, our services that support the client’s governance frameworks, IT security policies and human resource processes are what truly unlock the full potential of an IDM365 implementation.

We have a tried and tested approach when it comes to our IDM services, an approach that allows both customization and scalability. When implementing IDM365, we become familiar with the client’s entire organization and infrastructure, which provides valuable insight when it comes to the necessary frameworks and processes. That insight is precisely what enables IDM365 services to be scalable and customizable. By combining IDM system data with knowledge about the organization itself, it is possible to assist with everything from IT audit preparation and IDM process documentation to complete organizational changes.

At IDM365, we see it as one of our primary tasks to spot where we can be of better service to our clients and how we need to customize it. Why? Because we recognize that in order to succeed with IDM365, our business must be focused on doing something for someone else…

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