Implema – partner of IDM365

5 months ago we entered into a partnership with a Swedish firm known as Implema. The people at Implema have established themselves as SAP experts in Sweden and have executed many projects all over the world. With more than 7 locations throughout Sweden, Implema is known for their quality of service and customer-first attitude.

When we approached Implema regarding IDM365, Implema saw the possibility to establish themselves as an even stronger partner for their customers through Identity and Access Management (IAM). With security and risk management becoming ever more relevant and important for serious businesses, Implema saw IDM365 as a strategic addition to their existing product portfolio.

Implema recently became the first Swedish SAP house to sell the new SAP S/4 Hana, providing us with a valuable resource to help integrate identity and access management for SAP Hana into IDM365. The Implema IDM365 partnership has thereby helped enhance our IDM365 SAP API integration, allowing us to continue covering the full SAP suite.

On the 16th and 17th of April, Implema will host ImplemaPhire. ImplemaPhire is an annual event where Implema presents all the latest in the SAP world and highlights some important areas affecting their customers and partners. More than 100 customers will be invited to attend. This year, we will be participating in the event, presenting our Identity and Access Management solution: IDM365. The first day will see a variety of speakers presenting an exciting mix of topics. IDM365 will be presented by Niclas Geijerman from Implema and IDM365 CEO Kim Storm. Day two will offer participants the opportunity to join focus sessions throughout the day where they can speak to Kim, Niclas and an existing IDM365 customer about how identity and access management, IDM365 in particular, can solve challenges regarding users and access permissions—enhancing control over them. Read more about ImplemaPhire on Implema’s website HERE.

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