IDM365 goes US

IDM365 is, as of March 2, 2015, entering the US together with EDGE Business Advisory in San Francisco.

IDM365 will be taking advantage of the US market’s focus on security and risk management. In recent years, the number of security breaches that have occurred in big business environments has been staggering. Companies have lost huge chunks of user account data, often falling victim to external attacks through hacking of orphaned accounts or having data stolen through workers with too much access. Combined with heightened legislation requirements, it has become tougher to protect your business against both internal and external threats.

Enter IDM365. Our focus has always been on security, flexibility, financial viability and self-service for any size business, and that meant us seeing more and more interest from the US market. Our Identity and Access Management toolset sets itself apart with a faster, cleaner and more robust implementation that follows best practices, allowing us to fill a gap in the US market.

Let our founder Søren tell you how we got here: How IDM365 figured it out.